May 5, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m blessed with life and how it is if it wasn’t for my aunt. When my mom and I lost our home, she was the only one to take us in. We didn’t have any help because my dad and mom weren’t getting along with each other. I owe it all to my aunt for being compassionate and caring.
My mom and dad both lived in the same neighborhood at the time when my mom and brothers got convicted. My older brothers already decided to live with my dad but my mom wasn’t going to let me live with him. Even though I was young, I was worried about where we were going to stay. My mom just had to call her sister and asked if we can stay until we had another place to live. We were lucky because not only that she said yes, but that she had a garage that we could use to stare our furniture.
I know my aunt didn’t have to do that when she has her own husband and kids to take care of. There are a lot of people who just can’t support other people when they need it. Even though she is family, there is still heartless people in the world that are selfish. She couldn’t be a better person than she already is. My mom and I are blessed to have her in our lives.
From the moment that my aunt opened her home to us, I knew that I wanted to be just as compassionate as her. I couldn’t imagine where I would be at if she wasn’t there to help us. My brothers and I could have been separated for years, or most likely separated from my mom. That’s something I would never want to happen. So I’m lucky that everything turned out okay.
To learn how to be compassionate and caring I believe that you need a role model to follow like my aunt. No matter how bad and mean and cruel the world can be, you can always count on the good people that are still around. That’s what I want to be, one of the good people that can be trusted when times are hard; and relied on when help is needed.

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