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May 12, 2010
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Have you ever been to a collegiate sporting event like football or basketball, thinking it’d fun, but instead of having fun you’re having to deal with the drunk people sitting next to you? Well I have and it’s no fun and very bad influenced on the younger kids. With that I’m going to talk about the major influence of alcohol being sold and drank a collegiate events, on why it’s a big deal, how it affects the players, coaches, and fans, and how we can stop or reduce the number of outrageous behaviors of the drunken fans, so we can all enjoy the game, the way it should be.

First, is why alcohol at collegiate events is such a big deal? First of all it makes that college or university look really bad. Plus, the fact that the fans aren’t even mature enough to pick up their own mess they left behind them.

Secondly, it affects the game and fans around watching the game big time. The last thing that should be on the players or coaches minds is what or how the crowd might react to a call or decision made. It can be unsafe for everybody around. At a basketball game held in West Virginia, just this past season, a drunk fan decided to throw a quarter at the opposing teams bench. The quarter ended up hitting an assistant coach right above his eye, which could’ve blinded him luckily though it didn’t hit his eye. But West Virginia’s coach Bob Huggins didn’t ignore it; he advised the fans that they should point out who did it. And once they found out who did it they took the guy down to the police station and he had very high blood alcohol content. And according to a report done by ESPN’s show Outside the Lines, 62% of 397incidents at Penn State athletic events involved alcohol. Stats provided by USC, showed that there’s an average of 35 citations per game that are alcohol related. Not only that it affects the teams and the game. It also affects the crowd around those individuals that have to be around the intoxicated person or people. It ruins the fun for the sober family because instead of watching the game you have to worry about what the drunk next to you might do to you or your family.

Now that I have discussed about the problems of drunken fans, I’m going to talk about some ways to prevent or put an end to the number of intoxicated people at the game. One way is for the colleges to implement a text messaging systems, that allows you or others to report any incidents or concerns without getting out of your seat to find security, all you’d have to do is report the behavior, state where you are and the people that received your message can see where you are and they can send out security to make the behavior good. Although it reportedly costs around ten grand, there are many colleges using this system including Auburn and University of West Virginia. Another way is to ban the sales of alcoholic beverages at the collegiate events. This helps because you’re not helping individuals reach that high level of intoxication they thrive for. And finally is that you can start to ban the tailgating parties before games. Because most of the time, that’s when they start getting intoxicated.

With all that said, what’s your intake on the alcohol being sold at collegiate events, now that you’ve heard from me.

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