May 4, 2010
By , houston, TX
People today seem to take other people's intelligence for granted. In this generation, people tend to realize when you are being loyal. Liars, back stabbers, and traders are all the characteristics of a hypocrite. Hypocrites do not usually realize how they affect their friends, family, and everyone that cares for them.

Each day I deal with hypocritical people. Although i might be one myself, I have the ablility to control it. My father has always been fair and truthful, but his hypocritical ways have impacted our family in a negative way.We have basically been played for a fool. For example, he complains to my brother and I for going days without talking to one another, but he hasn't talked to his family members in years. He should realize that if he doesn't change himself, then the people that look up to him will eventually follow in his footsteps.

Living life with people that are hypocrites has put my social life in a downward spiral. Eventually, I started to act the way I never wanted to. My teachers, brothers, and many friends have all complained about this issue. Approximately 3 out of 5 people are hypocrites though they do not realize it. It is unimaginable how someone can think that they are being loyal when they are actually being the opposite.

In the end, they end up friendless because of their selfish behavior. Also, they are not trusted or respected throughout their life. Hypocrites are gossiped upon and their issue would make their lives miserable. People like the this, are in denial because they tell their peers not to smoke, do drugs, etc, even though they cant do it themselves. Living life like this can be passed on to the young children in the future.

Plain and simple, do not tell people to do something if you do not follow your own advice. People should believe in what they are saying so they can be prevented from doing it themselves. No matter what you do, stay strong in what you believe in and be aware that the things that you say always comes back to you.

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