should loitering be illegal?

April 1, 2010
As Wikipedia explains “loitering means to remain in a particular place for a protracted time.” In other words, no large group of people can hang in front of or around public places. But id loitering is illegal, where will teens be able to go.
In my opinion, teens’ hanging around in certain areas doesn’t mean any harm is being done. For policemen to make false arrest on the grounds of loitering should be illegal. False arrest can ruin a teenager’s future. if teenager’s are not doing anything wrong and are just sitting around doing what normal teens’ do with their friends, they should not get arrested fro something as simple as that.
My opponents may say, loitering is illegal because some teens’ choose to become rowdy. They misbehave and disrespect public places and private properties. However, that doesn’t mean that all teens’ behave in that manner. a lot of teens’ just goof off and crack jokes all day. rowdiness and destruction is not always what teens’ are all about.
In conclusion, I believe that loitering should be legal. I feel this way because as soon as someone looks out of their window and see a group of teens’ in front of their door, they automatically assume that they are being disrespectful and harmful to their property. But the truth is, no one is doing anything wrong. As far as I know, laughing, playing and giggling are not a crime. That’s my take on this issue.

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