Should parents give thier child(ren) a curfew?

March 29, 2010
By sykira09 BRONZE, Jersy City, New Jersey
sykira09 BRONZE, Jersy City, New Jersey
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Kids that are still under parental care should not have the choice to stay out late, and come home when they want.
First, children that stay out late will tend to get into trouble, and do things they are not supposed to do. For instance, a minor is outside around 11:30pm and sees a group of older boys walking towards another young man that leans against a wall. The group of boys pulls out guns and starts to shot at the young man against the wall. Instead of the man against the wall getting shot, the minor does. If the minor would have been in the house at a reasonable time, this could have been prevented.
Second, it’s not safe for teens to stay out late. If parents let their 16 year old child attend a party, the party is over at 2am. Around 12:17am the child’s guardian gets a call saying that the minor is in Medical Center Hospital in critical condition. It seems to be that she or he was drinking a large amount of liquor and passed out. There might be a chance that the minor has alcohol poisoning. By giving him or her curfew, this could have been avoided
I am totally for a mandatory curfew for children depending on age. If not terrible things can happen to your child that could have been prevented by one choice; giving a curfew!

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