What Would We Do Without Them

April 7, 2010
By Aaron BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Aaron BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Moms and dads are one of the key things that everyone should have in their life. Without a mom or dad you may not have good morals or values, know what to do with your life, or know how to function in society. Without these three things, it would be hard for you to live in the real world.

Having good values and morals makes tough decisions easier and helps you to understand the value of your life. There is not much of a difference between values and morals; both are similar to each other. A moral is a system of beliefs that is taught for deciding good or bad. Values are personal beliefs or something that comes from within. But both morals and values are similar as to what is right or wrong. If someone chooses not to listen to their parents, their morals and values can suffer. You could end up on the wrong path. Instead of not picking right choices, you could pick bad ones. For example, you’re at a party and there is drinking involved. Bob, who is sitting on the couch, says “Hey Jake, come over here and drink a few beers with me. It’s alright; everyone’s doing it.” Now Jake has a decision whether to go and drink with Bob or to say no and he could just leave the party all together. Leaving the party would be better for Jake, but saying no is enough, because it shows that he does have good morals and values, by knowing what’s right or wrong.

Everyone has a purpose or a goal in life. Knowing what it is will help you reach towards that purpose, or your goal that you may have. With the help of your parents it is a lot easier to find what you would like to do. Your parents will always try to push you to do well in school, which will allow you to have choices in a career you might be interested in. For example, a boy named Jack, has good parents that challenged him in school to get good grades. He was very glad that he had parents to push him, because of that, he had good grades to get him into the college he wanted to enroll in. Jack made his goal in life. He wanted to become one of the greatest lawyers of all time. This is just an example that could happen if you had a goal along with someone to push you towards that goal.

Lastly, without your mom or dad, you would not know how to live in society. They teach you things that you need to live. Parents teach you to talk, walk, eat, read, etc. Without these skills it would be impossible to live in society. For example, Garret has not learned to walk and he is struggling to keep up with all his other friends that are walking. This will start a chain, because he is already behind, Garret will fall even further behind in talking, possibly even reading. He wouldn’t feel as if he is worth something because everyone else around him is already running around playing with their friends, reading books, and talking to one another. This is a reason that a child would need his parents to teach him to live in a society.

Without Mom or Dad we would never know not to touch the hot oven before it’s too late, or know how to act around people. It would be quite tough if you do not know what you want to do when there is no one to get you on the right direction. So, what would we do without them?

The author's comments:
My mom inspired me by telling saying to me one day, "what would you do without me?"

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