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April 11, 2010
By 123456 SILVER, Severna Park, Maryland
123456 SILVER, Severna Park, Maryland
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When I first obtained this assignment, I thought, “Finally, a chance!”A chance to say what I think, show my side of the story, to write whatever I want . . . and in school! But I couldn’t say exactly what I think! Why was it, I could say my opinions when I was not asked to, but not the very times I have been asked in my 14 years of life? I guess some things in this world are just ironic.
Why have the dumb been blessed with a loud mouth, and good connections? Why are the most peaceful often the most unfortunate and most harmed? Why do those who are prejudiced act so politically correct? And the intelligent so quiet…and why are people so afraid? Why are the tough afraid of refusing to fight? Why are leaders so afraid of losing? Why are the troubled afraid to rise above their past? Why are they afraid of the journey? Why is the student afraid of the teacher? And why are we afraid to stand up for ourselves? For what we believe in! Why are people so afraid to actually think?! But enough with all these questions . . . hear my answer: People are afraid because they are taught to be. From the day they are born . . .We’re all just brainwashed. From the day we are born. That’s my opinion. Make of it what you would like. Say what you would like about it.
Just don’t be afraid to.

The author's comments:
I recived an assignment in September of my ninth grade English class to write a page, no more guidelines, just a page. I started to write whatever popped into my head at the time, but faded into a somewhat rant of opions and questions that flowed out of my subconcious.

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