April 1, 2010
By jjordan BRONZE, Pittsburgh Pa, Pennsylvania
jjordan BRONZE, Pittsburgh Pa, Pennsylvania
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We, as humans, have indeed lost touch with most of our natural world. I say “most” because what we are evolving into today is becoming our natural world. Digital technology is tearing us from our love of things we don’t have to plug in or have a battery for. The appreciation we have for nature is decreasing. We try to save energy but with the disposal of one thing, another and another is plugged in. Soon we will all be forced to remove our blindfolds and stare in shock at what we have made. That shock, however, may not be bad.
Digital devices have made life easier for us. If we could find a balance so that our world, earth, mother nature, is taken care of as well as the using technology in moderation. Maybe these devices that are tearing us from our natural world can in fact help it. Life can never go back to how it was before these new technologies. That’s like putting a baby in college. We grew up depending on these devices so let’s use them in a way that would benefit both ourselves and our natural world.

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