Save our Planet from Global Warming

March 26, 2010
By Kiecel. BRONZE, Unalaska, Alaska
Kiecel. BRONZE, Unalaska, Alaska
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Have you ever thought about global warming and what it is doing to our planet? Like how it’s hurting many of our animals, especially polar bears, how it affects us, people, and how it is heating up Earth. Well, we should help and make a change for our planet and for the poor animals that are suffering.

Global warming is causing our planet to have warmer temperatures. Global warming affects many parts of the world. Global warming is causing the sea to rise, and when the sea rises, it causes water to cover up low land islands. Global warming is also affecting plants, animals, and us people. It affects plants because since the sea has risen, the water covers the plants which can cause them to die. Without plants, animals lose their source of food, which can cause animals to die. Without any animals or plants, people would lose two sources of food: plant food and animal food. This is what is called a break in a food chain, which is basically when all living things would start to lose their source of food. Global warming is what is causing these reactions and the gasses we put into our atmosphere is what causes global warming.
There are many animals that are suffering because of global warming and we should help keep those animals from extinction. There are polar bears and emperor penguins that are having trouble looking for food since the ice is melting from the heat of global warming. Polar bears have a hard time finding their prey in the ice because polar bears are losing their natural camouflage which makes it easier for seals to avoid. Global warming is also affecting other animals such as gyrfalcons, snowy owls, and Australia’s possums are suffering with a temperature about 30 degrees Celsius. Also, there are pine beetles that are destroying thirty three million acres of Canadian Pine. This is caused because of the rise in our temperatures

Global warming is real because of the gases we put into our atmosphere. We pump carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous gas, and other gases being pumped into our atmosphere because of burning coal, burning fossil fuels, and even the eruption of volcanoes. The gases are what cause global warming and global warming causes the earth to heat up. This is what is also called greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses are the gasses in our atmosphere that collect heat and light from the sun which is why earth is heating up. An example of greenhouse gasses is when heat is trapped inside a car from the heat and light from the sun that gets into the car’s windows and can’t break free, which is like how greenhouse gasses to earth, heat and light gets into our atmosphere, making earth hotter. Also, because since we are cutting down trees, trees take away carbon dioxide which is one of the greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. It would get even worse if we had global warming to continue.

If global warming continues, there would be animals and plants that would become extinct, we would have storms and floods, and the sea level would rise too high which would make people would have to move to the coasts, and some areas would be too dry for farmers to farm. We should help make a difference to stop global warming from continuing.

The idea of global warming sounds awful like what it is doing to our animals, to our environment and to us people, and how greenhouse gasses are causing earth’s temperature to rise. We wouldn’t want global warming to get even worse. We wouldn’t want global warming to cause more flooding or erosion. We can make a change by releasing less gas into our atmosphere such as CO2 and methane.
There are many people who are saying that we should have laws about using less we energy from burning the fossil fuels and also try to minimize the amount of greenhouse gasses put into our air by a car by carpooling. Carpooling is when people ride together to a place they are going to. Other things we can do to help stop global warming is to think about how we use energy, such as the light we use for electricity, and watching TV, and other electronic devices. We can use less of those electronics to help us use less energy; energy causes pollution, which then causes more greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere. We can also do simple things such as turning off the lights, TV, and computers when needed, ride our bikes or walk for short distances instead of cars, plant trees, and many other things. The less electricity we use, the better. We should remind ourselves to do these things and remind ourselves how it is making a difference and how it is helping our animals, our environment, us people, and our planet.

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