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March 25, 2010
By HeyshaNannette BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
HeyshaNannette BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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I always ask myself, why are teenagers look down upon by older generations. Is it cause peer pressure, immoral support from parents, or are they just confused. These days teens don’t really care about what they do, how they act, or how they present themselves. Usually all they care about is partying, looking good, and hooking up. Today’s adolescents have evolved into insolent drug using, carefree individuals.

Obviously peer pressure is everywhere for teens now a days advertisement is one of the main pressure points for teens. For example adds on billboards, or commercials that are encouraging girls to show more skin and expose unnecessary parts of their body is causing them to act and dress as the image they are giving young girls. The boy they call their best
Friend, their right hand man, will end up convincing them that that weed is good and that it’s the full explanation for all their problems and stresses. Friends are influenced by others and they might think they have to do what everyone’s doing to fit in. Teens think it’s okay what they’re doing, when they’re doing wrong just because they get away with it, therefore it becomes a constant practice for them. The environment around teens can also take on a big effect on pressure, there’s a saying “you are what you hang out with” and that is one hundred percent true. As teens call it their “mains” or “click” can influence teens to be like the ones in which they’re hanging with, young adults tend to get attached to what’s around them.

In spite of the increasing amount of rebellious teenagers thought my generation, most parents are responsible for this act. Immoral support from parents takes a huge roll within the process of becoming a rebellious adolescent. If a teen is lacking parents support he or she wouldn’t know what to do when a bad situation comes about. Then minor would also feel alone. Bad parenting can affect the teens trail of thought, in other words it can make teens think they’re not good enough or worth anything. That cause can lead juniors to hurting themselves or others around in fact depression or anger can come within. Teens in that cause will become more juvenile, start breaking rules, doing things they’re not supposed to do, and anything that falls under that category. Teens act up to get attention from parents which makes causes worse.

As I have stated, my generation is looked down upon by those before, which on the contrary we have been enriched from the past generations. Though now teens are losing their standards and are lowering their self in society, they’re inadequate, erroneous, and lousy as the years continue. As a teenager, I experience and know exactly what’s going on. We, ourselves, are ruining the mentality of the next generations and setting poor examples, yet they’re supposed to follow our foot steps? What will come of their generation?

Remember when getting high meant swinging on swings… remember our childhood cartoon characters set a positive role. Nowadays, it’s all about gangs and sexual activities. Have your parents raised you to set your standards that low? ABC’s to STDs, lollipops to cigarettes, and our new best friend. -Mary Jane.
This is an embarrassment to those that lived before us and after all their hard work in making our country to where it is now, we’re just trashing it. All this deterioration within my generation that is impossible to convert is injuring what’s to come. Be aware that all this destructor goes back to, unsupported feelings, pressure, and a huge change in teen environment. What little can do enormous things to the lives of the young in the eyes of elders.

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