March 25, 2010
By jaline rodriguez BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
jaline rodriguez BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Euthanasia has always been a very arguable topic, but what about when it comes to terminally ill patients who can never recover from their diseases? In most of the country, Euthanasia is illegal and considered an act of suicide, but what society doesn’t take into account are the abundance of people who are suffering day to day, and can never live a normal life. I strongly believe patients with fatal and incurable diseases, should have the right to end their anguish without the governments consent.

Firstly, I believe Euthanasia should be legal for people with life-threatening diseases because it could end their pain and distress. As long as the patient is living they will have to endure physical and emotional challenges that otherwise wouldn’t be necessary. For example a patient in stage 4 cancer, will be required to cope with agonizing effects of Chemotherapy such as nausea and hair loss, and also the emotional aspects like feeling vulnerable and fearful of their life. A plethora of people are forced to miserably live their life one day at a time, hoping the moment will come where they no longer have to deal with the hurt, or sadness that comes with being ill. If Euthanasia was legal, no one will ever have to tolerate unnecessary grief or have approval from anyone to make this very serious decision.

Additionally, I believe patients that withhold fatal illnesses or who are mentally disabled should have the choice of Euthanasia because it would be less of a financial burden on family members and loved ones. The price to treat cancer can cost anywhere from $20,964, for breast cancer, to $41,134, for prostate cancer treatments. This can be an enormously high amount of money for the average person to pay. Though, most people are willing to pay any price for their loved ones, the current economic situation doesn’t allow them too. Because money is such a challenge nowadays, Euthanasia is a choice is a choice everyone should be able to consider,

The final reason I am in favor of Euthanasia because I believe every human on this earth should have the right to choose between life and death, especially people who can never live normally. The government can’t identify or comprehend how unhappily people, who, for instance, are paralyzed or have permanent brain damage, can live. These unfortunate beings need constant care attention and will never be fully satisfied with themselves. Whether the patient is religious or believes in some sort of afterlife, they will be much more pleased and content choosing Euthanasia, than miserably staying alive. To sum it up, I think the government shouldn’t have a say in anyone’s decision to be put down.
To recapitulate, I strongly believe Euthanasia should be available for people with terminal diseases and severe mental disabilities. Although others argue that it’s wrong, overall Euthanasia is a positive procedure that can help to terminate someone’s agony in a non-painful manner. In addition to that, it shows that we should always have the right to formulate our own choices and also can free up the large amount of money that has to be paid for treatments and medications.

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