Welfare and its true meaning:Shakeria’s Prospective

March 25, 2010
By shakerias.williams BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
shakerias.williams BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Help isn’t what it really is anymore! Welfare is the wrongful tool that I’m aiming for. In my opinion, welfare is beneficial, but at the same time it’s not helping individuals achieve their full potential. In many cases its sloppy help from the government and it’s mostly given to blacks. Also, it’s used if you have little or no income. Welfare is one thing I strongly disagree on, why can’t it be done from the heart?
To begin with, welfare is not helping people to achieve their full potential because it’s thrown away help from the government. In other words, it’s not done with the best of their abilities. For instance, my aunt whom is 23 years old is currently on EBT food stamps, but unfortunately they cut her amount down from $425.98 to $250.76. How much food can she really buy with $250.76 while having a low paying job and 3 kids? I feel that it’s no need to be greedy with money, when we are the ones who give them all the money they ask for. It’s either money or race.
Secondly, welfare is not giving their all because it’s mostly given to blacks. By this I mean, if you really look at it blacks are the most targeted for welfare. Journalist Nina Write for IDG news service said, “with the regard to AFDC the figures are: Whites 38.8%, Blacks 39.8%, Hispanics 15.7%, Asian 2.4%, other 3.3%” she also states that,” the whites are over 50% of the total of the US population. They represent less than their overall piece of the pie, population-wise.” In statics you can’t go by the mere numbers. They should think about aiming it towards a plethora of races than just one in particular. The worst thing to do is to be in denial that welfare benefits are really pointed out for the average single black women with kids and no job or with low income.

Last but not least, welfare is not trying their best because it’s used if you have little or no income. To clarify, they are not giving enough money to support this problem. For example, if a person is unemployed they should not be receiving $250.00 in food stamps, or can barely go to the doctor because their Medicaid is not going through. The US has really come to an end due to the health and government. I guess it’s true when they say life is but a dream. Sometimes I question, is America still the land of opportunity when our government is being scarce with the money and help for the people? Many people say yes and many more say no. furthermore, children can’t even go to head start anymore because of their ages. It shouldn’t be that you need to be over a certain age to attend head start when it’s just and beginners school for toddlers. How would you like if you couldn’t attend school because you are one year below the age limit to enter? My point exactly it doesn’t seem far at all.

Before I wrap I up I would like to say, before the government feels that they are doing the right configuration by just allowing us to have welfare then they need to think again because the help is very discombobulated and mistreated, zoned for one race but it’s said that it’s not, and furthermore, it’s given to those whom are working or unemployed but very poorly. Welfare is public money that isn’t being used as it’s supposed to be. It’s tossed around and cheated by many that really don’t care. Its ends now and everyone will be treated equally as says the constitution.

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