Child Abuse

March 23, 2010
By rclark29 SILVER, Sloatsburg, New York
rclark29 SILVER, Sloatsburg, New York
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Did you know that studies in Colorado and North Carolina have estimated as many as 50 to 60 percent of deaths resulting from abuse. They should make it illegal in every state. Children would get hurt a lot more if they get hit unlike women. They made hitting their wife or just women in general illegal. So this is why they should make hitting kids illegal too. It’s just terrible if you hear that, that a kid got beat, especially if they are little and around the age of 5. There should be no reason to hit a kid no matter what he did, because he is your kid that you brought into this world. I am asking all the parents who have and who haven’t hit there kids to stop doing it or keep on not doing it.

Child abuse is a HUGE deal in the United States. The rate of child abuse has slightly increased over the past several years. Child abuse has been happening mostly on younger kids. “Young children three or younger are often victims of child abuse” (Almond). There are too many cases of child abuse going around. Some of these children you are hurting have barely even been living for a couple of years. They are three or younger. You shouldn’t be hurting some kids that have barely seen the light of day. They are just three years old. It’s not right to hurt your child if they are that young or even if there not that young.

There should be a more effective child abuse system. There has been an alarmingly high number of child abuse cases reported. You should not hurt your child. Every year there are more and more cases reported about child abuse. Stop with hurting or even killing the babies and young kids that you brought into this world. “Our standards of child protection have fallen to extremely low levels” (Kim).

People say that child abuse is exaggerated. “The prevalence of child abuse is exaggerated.” People have said that the problem is overstated and saying that they are making too big of a problem out of it when they don’t need too. They have said that they don’t need to fix any child abuse system because that would be just too big of a problem.

Everyone around the world should stop with child abuse. You brought that child into the world, you should not kill them or even hurt them. There are many cases being reported and it is not overstated or over exaggerated. People are trying to do the best they can now but we need everyone to stop hitting there kids.

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