brothers and sisters

March 18, 2010
By rh423 BRONZE, Brookside, New Jersey
rh423 BRONZE, Brookside, New Jersey
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"and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you" - e.e. cummings

One half feeling whole.
No matter what desperation,
we can’t control this emptiness
Deeper needing
Of other beings.
To be one with another
Deep longing and necessary beating
You feel it from within to out
Our veins pump blood
From our hearts and our brains
Communicating with rhythm of passion and meaning
Hearing the vowels and syllables within each pounding chest
They speak to each other

To the ones that pass on to a place beyond today
To victims of violence
Marked by blood and terror
To the little ones stolen from us
And to hearts we’ll never know.

There is an emptiness we can never quite fill ourselves
A spot devoted in remembrance for those not there.

We are all brothers
All sisters
Existing in the same spirals of the earth
and in the same shadows of the moon
Experiencing the same loss
The same joy
Hiding behind language barriers
And idealizing a world where
We all sing kumbaya and hold hands,
Where color only matters in the ink we print our voices.

But instead we’re taught to ignore the sirens
Paging violence and naivety
Learn fear in color lights behind vehicles
Scared of those hunting the criminals
Cuz they’re the ones knocking at the door
Hunting the innocent,
I use this term loosely,
Watching the watched and
letting the wild run
Giving the guilty a head start

We’re taught to trust authority
Pledging and praying to them
Hands on bibles
And fears behind bars
We’re defenseless.

Brutality in uniform but it’s all hush hush and confidential
Cus’ the suffering of our brothers and sisters is none of our business
Cus’ the truth would stain our breakfast tables
And not even bleach cleans that.

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