Alter Egos

March 13, 2010
By Cupcakecutielol PLATINUM, Elkton,MD, Maryland
Cupcakecutielol PLATINUM, Elkton,MD, Maryland
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"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on." -Henry Ellis

Okay so how do you look at life? How do you look at your friends? How do you look at other people? Are they fake? Are they scary? Are they strange? Well, theres people who think they're better than anyone else and talk about people behind their backs. There's nerds and geeks, or prissy girly girls. Theres those who are themselves and those who don't talk, and those who are afriad to break free. Stop trying to live your life thats controlled by others. Stop worrying about what they will think or say if you do whatever. Be yourself, you're only this young once. Every year you add a year,and every day you add a day, you add a memory,you add personality. So don't wait to carry a theme song to your life. Don't be friends with someone who isn't a true friend. Stick up for yourself and break free of the crowds at the lunch tables. Sit where you want and make your own group. You'll find a place where you belong, you'll find a path that you can walk on. Find yourself, don't act fake. Realize that you can either go your own way, or act like nothing is wrong. Act like your not good enough for someone. Act like you dont care. Act like your living life the way you are because the people in it have to controll it. Well close the curtains and stop acting, because once you do. You can breakaway. Sure growing up, you'll stab your friends in the back, you'll treat them badly, you'll have good fights and bad fights. Though its only becuase you love and care for them. I dont think I ever will go through a stage where I'm afraid to "be myself". I already know to live life big and be yourself be the way God created you becuase seeing everyones egos ....It shows their nasty side. I look around everyday and realize that you put people in this place and that place with those people and that crowd.The way you see people. sometimes. I dont like it. You have to know where to fit yourself in too, but you never know. As life goes on you see yourself in many places and you see many faces. I guess everyone has an ego. You just have to know how to handle it.

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