Gun Control

March 10, 2010
By burch94 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
burch94 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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People think that controlling guns changes what people do with them. Gun Control doesn’t stop school shootings because it’s the parents’ negligence. I think that gun control is pointless and hasn’t really helped a thing. All gun control does is make people wait to get a gun, and the criminals know about it. When have you ever actually seen somebody buy a gun when they know their background check will come out bad?

School shootings aren’t as bad as people think they are. In 1998, out of the 200,000 middle and high school students less than a dozen of them died because of school shootings. Parents leave their guns lying around where their kids can find them. If people just stashed them or bought a gun safe then that’s the most gun control we would need. Plus it’s not the guns that push the kids to go on a rampage in school. It’s usually the kids who badger them and pick on them that push the kid to get a gun and shoot in a school. People are blind to the fact that most kids who start school shootings have warned everybody before they actually brought a gun to school.

CCWs make a big difference if a person is robbed and they have a gun because they will be able to defend themselves. When a store is robbed it gives a person a chance to stop somebody if they have a knife and save people money. In Florida where you can have a CCW, they instituted a law back in 1987 to approve CCWs. Since then the murder rate has dropped 37 percent. That’s more than one percent each year!

Some people blame the manufacturers of guns for criminals having one. It’s not the manufacturers’ fault that the people who buy their guns sell them to criminals. They make guns for sport and protection; they don’t make guns for the sole purpose of murder and mayhem. After the guns leave the factory it’s not the manufacturers’ problem anymore.
Banning guns would not reduce violence because all the criminals can use other weapons. Guns are just a part of the problem not the whole problem. Banning guns would just take away the one small thing that people have to protect themselves with. Criminals have knives, baseball bats, and many other things that do as much damage as a gun. And what does the average person have mace, and a taser that’s it. Can we really expect the crime rate to drop just because the criminals can’t use guns?
There is a counter-argument worth mentioning though. People who have guns can use them to commit suicide, cause unintentional death, and homicide. A gun in the house can cause somebody to die who isn’t an intruder just because of pure negligence on the owner of the guns part. Even though the murder rate in Florida has gone down, Florida is still the murder capital of the world.

In conclusion, gun control doesn’t help because people have found ways around it. People feel better having a gun at their side when they are walking through a dark parking lot. Guns can give a sense of security and confidence and people need to stop dwelling on all the bad things people with guns do. Its like looking at a piece of food, a person isn’t going to say I can’t eat that I might choke. No, they just think about how tasty that piece looks. People should look at guns the same way.

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