March 10, 2010
By candygrl94 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
candygrl94 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Suicide is a true epidemic that is happening all over the world. . And in 2006 approximately 33,000 people committed suicide. Of that amount women are more likely to attempt suicide. But men are more likely to carry it out all the way through. Many people commit this tragedy to get away from problems. Life issues, substance abuse, mental disorders, and many more are reasons for suicide. And in every case that I have seen suicide does not end anything. It only contributes even more.

In most cases the suicide does not end anything. It only contributes to the problem even more. The person committing this action not only effects them, but their loved ones and others that cared for this person. And once this is completed the family is in jeopardy. Because all they can think about is how they could have prevented it and if they could have seen it coming. In some ways it puts them in the position of committing it as well. Adding onto that the family feels the sense of loneliness and wanting of that deceased member.

And many ways of putting a person at risk is having things around them that will help them commit the action. 60% of all the suicides were done with fire arms. And that is either done by them or a police officer. Because some do attempt to antagonize the officer with a toy gun or un loaded fire arm. And the officers do not know that and they fire. Another major way that suicide is done by an overdose of medication. Another fact is that the most common suicide attempts or suicides are done by non-Hispanic whites and native Americans. And the least are the Hispanics, pacific islanders and blacks and all other raises.

There are many ways to see when the suicide is going to occur. The individual doing this will all of a sudden go visit all of their family. And that will show the last time that they will see that person. And another hint is they will go out get a fire arm, rope, and or medication. And the obvious one is they will have a decline in their mood. And they will become depressed.

In all of theses facts not once was said that suicide solved anything. From experience of stories in my life not once has suicide ever helped. For example the girl that killed herself because a picture got around and it wasn’t a good one. Everyone made fun of her and picked at her. She had no one to go too. So she kept it all inside. Once that feeling stays inside the only solution that came to her was suicide. She went home got a scarf or a rope or some sort of that. Went into her closet and hung herself. Later that day her mother came in and found the most horrible scene she could have ever imagined. Her little girl was hanging there dead. And if I ever saw my child like that I don’t know what I would do. After all of that nothing went good for anyone. Imagine being the people that contributed to her death. Knowing that I caused an innocent girl to take her life because of a comment made. And or being part of her family and never seeing her again. Losing a family member is the hardest thing to go through. All of the pain that was caused to her. Was left for her family and they never go away.

Another big issue is people don’t believe that the counselors at school are helping at all. Many parents have problems that the fact the counselors are not doing their job. That the school puts way to much work for them and that they have no time for their students. Which this is true most students believe that they can not even go to their counselors. Due to the fact that any student doesn’t personally know their own counselor. And with that they do not even attempt to go in their office. And yet the school manages to say that the counselor is always there. But from what I have seen they always have work in front of them. And the students are the least things that come to mind. This can be argued as not true. But take the time and ask the students if they go to their counselor. The outcome may come as a shock. But in reality the counselors are there to help not just to do paper work.

To those who are thinking of committing suicide think twice for what is going to happen. Not only are your problems left behind but your family will be left with the guilt. Knowing that they could have helped. And with that comes talking to them. If talking to your family is not an option then find someone. Even though you think your alone your not. There is always someone there to help. If not that there are lines that you can call for help. Suicide is never the answer. You were put here for a reason. Everyone says live your life to the fullest. How is living your life to the fullest if you end it before its supposed too? The problems don’t go away unless you let them out. And don’t care what other people say and or think. Suicide should never come to mind. One it does nothing but end your life and start another problem. Don’t just think about yourself think about you family, loved ones and anyone that cares. You may think no one cares about you. But there is always someone out there and they want to see you live. Don’t let one comment end a beautiful life that lies ahead.

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on Nov. 19 2014 at 4:13 pm
I think this is insightful but people shouldn't kill themselves over  mediocore things such as bullying or other form of stress everyone has their problems.Plus it is a dumb thing to do because people that commit suicide are not only getting away from stress but they are sending themselve to hell.To escape your problems, going to hell seems like a dumb thing to do.

on Sep. 3 2013 at 8:37 pm
thatawkwardkid GOLD, Sarasota, Florida
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This needs to be published, like seriously. This is amazing.

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