The Words You Choose To Use

March 10, 2010
By Mark Bulman BRONZE, Beach Haven, New Jersey
Mark Bulman BRONZE, Beach Haven, New Jersey
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The morals we learn and use to practice as we grow up eventually become the basis of society as we know it. With that said, knowing the difference between right and wrong defines who we are and who we want to be as members of society. The words we choose to speak are how we want our thoughts and ideas to be interpreted by others. There are some words that reflect great intellect and meaningful understanding. Then there are words that define pure ignorance and thoughtlessness. One word that associates with derogatory ignorance and thoughtlessness is the word “retarded”.

The word “retarded” is properly used as a medical term or an adjective to describe something that is slow functioning. The term “retarded” is also commonly used, ignorantly, by others to describe something that they believe to be dumb or stupid. Ironically, by using the term “retarded” inappropriately, these people are in fact being both dumb and stupid. To encourage communities to stop using the R-word, certain precautions can be taken.

There are several different things that can be done to stop people from using the R-word inappropriately. First, by simply bringing awareness to the ignorance of the usage of the R-word people will realize the hurt that one word can bring to people. It is true that people should know not to use the R-word, but by constantly reminding people that is not acceptable, the message may finally be heard. Simple reminders in everyday life can help to eliminate the use of the R-word and other hurtful expressions.

Next, measures can be taken to prevent the use of the R-word in schools. Schooling systems must make it clear that the R-word is, to say the least, offensive. With that said, higher consequences should be put into action. If a student decides to thoughtlessly use the R-word inappropriately, a slap on the wrist will not suffice. Real punishment should be practiced. Detentions would get the message across as opposed to simply getting a talking to after class. R-word awareness should be especially noted in schools, considering the special students directly offended by rude comments. Hopefully students would know better, but again if they did know better ideas would not have to be thought up to rid the use of the R-word.

Thirdly, the prevention of the R-word should be prevented by parents teaching their children. Just like any other obscenity, children should be disciplined in a way that they learn not to use words such as the R-word. Parents should stress the importance of not using profanity from an early age, thus preventing the negative effects the R-word can do. If children learn to discard the R-word from their vocabulary, its use would hopefully be rendered useless.

All in all, the common expression “Think before you speak” can be applied to everyday life to contribute to the prevention of the R-word. Often times by saying one seemingly meaningless word, others can take offense to it. The R-word is one of these words. It does not matter if you are directly effected by its meaning, some words are better left unsaid.

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