America Isolation or Diaspora

March 4, 2010
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As we make the decision as to rather America should be isolated or in a state of diaspora, there are important factors we must consider: should we continue to help others, should we put our minds to continue forward, and/or should we concentrate on our need to get out of this recession; should that be our main concern?

Even if being a nation that remains alone or apart from others sounds harsh I take the stand that that is what we need to do. We, as a nation, want to help everyone, and that is an admirable quality, but not when we are struggling ourselves to remain afloat. We are in dire need of help ourselves. Our houses are being foreclosed, our cars are being repossessed, and unemployment is at a record high! (So please tell me how can we continue to send money elsewhere when we are in need of it.) One might argue that all those things we possess are not necessary, that Americans are too spoiled and have too much, and that is true. However, what they fail to consider is that every American that sits in a house or drives a car has worked very hard for what they have! And yes, there are those who haven’t worked a single day and have it all, but trust me when I tell you that someone worked hard for it.

The rest of the world looks at us and says, “oh they can give, they have enough,” but it’s like I want to say back, “no we can’t, and what we have we have worked hard for, do the same!” It’s like we have to be parents to the rest of the world. My mom is always telling me, anything that is worth something, takes a lot of hard work, so buckle down and start working. That is what we have to tell the rest of the world, especially now when we are in a crisis ourselves. Who has helped us? Who has lend a hand? Who has sent millions of millions of dollars our way? Everyone wants a piece of America, but no one wants to give to America, and I find it wrong.

In every battle that I read, warriors were told to separate themselves, to spend time alone, and consecrate themselves. Well right now, I think that’s what America should do. Separate themselves a little and recover their own strengths, before they continue to head into battle. Haiti is in a state of devastation now and that is very sad, but guess what? You might find this shocking to learn: they never really had anything before the devastating earthquake and even after the US goes over there and gives them more they will probably go back to the state they were in even before we stuck our nose into their business. There are too many of our soldiers (and when I say soldier I mean the real soldiers, plus all the hard working Americans) injured that need to reinforce their strengths, too many of our families are worn out and can’t give a dollar more to any cause, so we need to really isolate ourselves, recover our strengths and then scatter ourselves everywhere else!

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Maria I. said...
Mar. 22, 2010 at 3:56 pm
You need to rethink this, America is and SHOULD be in Haiti as well as other countries helping out. I was in Haiti when the earthquake happened, and let me tell you, the people in Haiti that have exposed bones, shattered bones, they need our help. America doesnt have thousands of people in need of extreme medical attention like they do. Please think twice before you stand firm on beliefs like this.
cjsweetie replied...
Mar. 23, 2010 at 9:53 am
America has it's own problems and tons of debt we should take care of our own country instead of trying to be macho man.
Maria I. replied...
Mar. 23, 2010 at 3:33 pm
Debt...? So what! Other countries have thousands of people dying from very preventable things that we have the resources to help them. Please do not be ignorant.
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