Different kind of people

March 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Who agrees that we should just accept everyone? Well, me for one. Everyday, at school, or anywhere I go, I see people being left out. Some people just think they're to good for someone else, but everyone is the same. Nobody is higher than another.
At school, there are two girls who nobody really will ever be nice to, because of the fact that they are both a little bit different. I think that we should learn to accept everybody's differences, and be kind. What if you were in those shoes, and nobody would look at you, or talk to you? Or, if they did talk to you, those words were never nice?
People are people, and it's not like we're all perfect. Everybody had faults, but everybody has something good in them. Be that person that stands out because of how you treat everyone right!

The author's comments:
Just like I've been saying, I think it's ridiculous, that some people don't get along because of they're differences. Just accept!

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