March 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Trust…what is it? Who deserves it? These questions run through our minds everyday. Whether it’s deciding if we can tell out best friends a secret or when we’re deciding if we want to talk to a teacher about something. But probably the most common way we see trust in our lives is with our parents. “Why don’t they trust me? I’m telling the truth. Did I do something in the past that is causing them not to trust me?” Do those questions go through your head to, or is it just me?
Some people say that trust just a fancy word for choosing whether or not to like someone. But the real meaning of trust is putting yourself out on a limb and hoping that someone is there to snatch you up and help you, and not letting you down. Or it’s hoping that someone holds up his or her end of the bargain, so that it helps both of you. Doing stuff for other people and other people doing stuff for you is one of the main way that you see trust in a teenagers life at school. We don’t have trouble telling someone something. But we do have trouble telling them and having them keep it a secret.
Have you ever told your best friend who you liked, then they tell everyone in the school, and the person you like finds out? That happened to me. The person I liked, liked me to so that was good. But my friends lost a little bit of my trust.
Trust is a very important thing. If lost it’s very hard to gain back. Without trust the world wouldn’t run day to day as smoothly as it does.

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