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March 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Do people know what to do when they are bored? Boredom will actually cause a lot of people to do anything to pass the time. The human desire wants to use all of its senses ,smell, touch, sight, hearing, etc. The desire in us is what drives us to do something out of our lives. A lack of variety in our lives will cause boredom and depression. Give variety to your life through goal setting, hobby searching, or experience whatever that is inexperienced, this will give a greater purpose of life and it will avoid boredom.

Imagine being confined in a white blank room with no windows or no variety, a person would be there for hours almost feeling you want to lose conscience. In order to have the will to live is eliminate boredom and find a way to stimulate life. Ways to stimulate life is find strengths and improve upon it, have questions towards the world, then find the answers by experiencing what might be the answers towards the questions in mind; An example of this is, Andy Park, the man who celebrates Christmas everyday for the past fourteen years, he answers the question “why can’t a person be happy and jolly everyday. Instead of asking for what a person wants it could be earned or it could be set as a goal in life, when the goal is achieved an individual will appreciate the goal more and look back on how it was attained. A goal in life is what gives purpose to live and thrive through hard times that brings people down and discourages them, while that goal is what keeps people going. A goal is also what keeps people occupied and it’s the thing that keeps us from being bored from daily routines.
As we are born, we have that taught of curiosity and it is the phenomena that makes us question the world, as we question the world at an early age we have no answers; so we try and answer those answers through experience, tests ,and experiments; an example of these experiments is as a child we ask our selves “what would happen” and we test it without hesitation or second thoughts. As we still grow we answer our questions through research, experiences, and help from others. An example is Leonardo Da’Vinci, when Leonardo lived in a small town of Vinci, he daydreamed on how birds fly and actually made a model that is designed for human flight. Leonardo did not have all the answers thrown at him, he is the ideal “Renaissance Man” due to the fact that he is well educated, and he kept studying, inventing, and creating constantly. Trying to educate and experience is a great way to give purpose in life and it will give a passion in what an individual does.
Boredom is a common source of depression. People that are constantly bored are most of the time depressed. They have the thought in their mind is “this is very boring” or “someone acknowledge me”. An example is people running nude on the streets trying to grab as much attention as possible even though they know other people will be disgusted towards their acts. A good example is terrorist suicide attacks; in their lives they have lived in constant poverty and they see no end to the endless hunger and hardship that they are facing, in other words they are tired of their lives which in their eyes it is simply meaningless, and they are easily manipulated by terrorist groups who offer a greater future for them. People who are tired of their lives will do unthinkable things.

There are also benefits of boredom and it will lead a mind to more questions or wisdom. Boredom can actually teach self discipline and patience to a person. Being bored for a long period of time can test a persons patience and it takes self discipline to see how long one can take the challenge at hand. Boredom also gives time to a persons personal thoughts; When bored, think about what is their left to do, what problems have been left unsolved, or what is the status of a current lifestyle, or simply comment on a certain current event. Boredom has its benefits to it may also give a “day dream moment” in which you can forget the world and have time with personal thoughts.
Boredom will lead to a lot of things. It could lead to lack of simulation of life due to no challenge or excitement. This will cause a person to find something more different than a daily routine like, finding a new solution to a problem. Boredom may instill patience and self discipline to a person who is challenged. Due to the patience and self discipline it will be realized that how was it worth it to accomplish a goal. Use the benefits of challenges and hard times even though it seems that it is tiring and boring to go through the same routine, they might help light a path to a goal in life for a purpose to live and prevent boredom.

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I keep questioning until i realiz this point of view

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