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February 19, 2010
Somewhere in the world this moment, a tear is falling on the face of a child: orphaned, hungry, alone, and helpless. That single tear takes a long and endless journey – a journey from little eyes that have seen too much, across a cheek that has never been gently kissed goodnight, down a jaw-line that longs for nourishment and onto little hands that have never been held that seem to hold the weight of the world. Although our hearts inevitably ache for the thought of her, and we are sad for her, it is by our own doing that she is crying.
She cries because of the war that rages around her and she hurts because of the painful memories of her home tumbling to nothing and the lack of memories of her parent’s love. Her crying is a symbol of the pain implemented by hatred in a place where neighbor is synonymous with enemy. And we wonder, how can this be happening? But, shift the focus and zoom out to see that the place where this crying child lives is our planet; it’s our entire world.
A man named John Lennon once wrote a song entitled “Imagine” in which he wrote the words that would forever challenge all nations: he said “imagine all the people, living life in peace… and the world will live as one”. John and I share this dream. I imagine every day what real peace tastes like. I imagine how it smells. I imagine how it feels. I imagine the radiant beauty of love in the heart of every human, united and hopeful for the future.
And I wonder what it will take for this dream to come true. How many people will have to put down their grudges, set aside their differences, and negate selfishness for us to be able to live on a planet free of war and hatred? I wonder is this dream even a possibility, or will it forever remain a figment in the imaginations of innocent children and hopeful dreamers like me? And hopeful dreamers in this room. And every hope filled person with a dream to make a change. And beyond the hearts of those believers into the lives of every person who calls Earth home.

Every person with a religion – you will practice in peace. Every initiator with an idea – you will create in peace. Every musician with a voice – you will sing of peace. Every skin color, every mindset, every lifestyle, every tradition, every culture, and every heart will be equal, exalted and united in peace.
Disease will still be among us, but we will combat it together. Disaster will still strike us, but we will survive together. We will embrace death together and no more will we murder one another. No child will be left uncared for. No family will be left hungry. No one man will stand above his brothers and sisters claiming superiority, but we will move forward together. Soldiers will never again have to lift their weapons to take another man’s life while praying for their own. Worshipers may call out to their god among those who call out to another. Trust, respect, and caring will flow like rivers through what is now a desert of hateful sand. Someday, the world will grow again.
These words will make no difference. The things I have said have finished their task, they’ve been heard, and now they are gone. The hopes I have voiced cannot make the change necessary to save our planet. That task can only be placed on our shoulders – on your shoulders and on mine – peace is our responsibility. Nothing will change until we change what is in our hearts. Until the love we dream of exists within our selves, it cannot exist within our world. And until love reaches our world, a tear falls on the face of a child.

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Beautifully done. said...
Jun. 8 at 10:50 am
Fucking. Idiot. Bull shit. Is ke na Mei LAN.
Danzo said...
Apr. 18 at 4:05 pm
Amazing. So touching.
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