Juvi or Jail

February 24, 2010
By Derek Devine BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Derek Devine BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Should kids should be tried as adults is a very controversial topic or question to answer. You want to see justice done, but you look into the kid’s eyes and see a troubled life. To get the point through, to the kids for their crimes they committed, they have to by punished in a way that they don’t forget about what they have done. To get through to them I believe that they should be punished in a harsh way so they need to go to jail so they can turn their life around.

The kids that are convicted for their crimes maybe be punished very severely and put in harsh conditions. If convicted for murder the kids could be sentenced to life or even get the punished to death. Because juvenile isn’t as hard they have to go to a harsher punishment.

The juvenile system is to relax to get a point through to a kid. Jessica Wilde states “The National Center for Juvenile Profiles explains that juveniles are treated differently from adult criminals because ‘youth behavior is malleable’ and can be reformed with treatment and successful rehabilitation”(1). The kids in juvenile can pretend to get better
but not really be effected and get out and start doing what they went into juvenile for Again Wilde states “not treating them in the same way for the same crimes is that

rehabilitation will not fix these young criminals”(1). If rehab can’t fix the kid what’s the point of sending them.

Wilde cares for the kids but she wants them to be tried because of their crimes that they committed. It informs the reader about a story that two ten year olds committed with a two year old; the story tells that the ten year olds had mutilated and murdered the young boy and tried to make it seem like and accident, but it obviously wasn’t. The ten year olds were not tried as adults, even though the crime was terrible. People believed that these kids shouldn’t be tried as adults and they just walked away with different identities. That is not humane for the parents and family. Those kids should have been punished.
In conclusion kids that commit the worst crimes should be tried as adults. They should not be allowed just to walk away with a little slap on the wrist and get told that was bad don’t do it again. That will not get through to a teenager. They have to experience something harsher than a slap on the wrist. To set them strait they need to be tried as adults.

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