Drawing the line

February 22, 2010
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Everyone in America has the need to upgrade all their belongings to bigger and better things. Affluenza is a disease spreading to people all over the US. I understand people want larger houses, and exotic vacations, but I draw the line at buying brand new luxury cars for their children. What does a sixteen year old need with a top of the line Escalade? Chances are they will just drive it off the road, or better yet, into another car. Whatever happened to kids making their own money to understand the value of a dollar? It seems like now daddy will just buy their way through life.

Grown adults who have been struggling to make ends meet their whole life are stuck driving a ten year old Kia’s while teenagers are just cruising by in their Mercedes. While parents are purchasing $50,000 cars for their children people are working their hands to the bone to put food on the table. I am a firm believer that high school students should have their own jobs and make their own money. It will teach them a sense of responsibility, and show them a glimpse of the real world. I urge all parents if they are shopping for their kid’s new car, turn away from the BMW’s and head for the used Honda’s.

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