Cruelty of Some Parents

February 11, 2010
Some parents are nice while others are devils. What do parents do for us to consider them evil? Why are they evil? What do they expect to accomplish?

Most mean parents are step/parents. But most of the time it is our real parents as well. They call us ungrateful and worthless. Sometimes they are ashamed to have us as their kin. Some beat us, sometimes with a belt or a paddle. The worst part of is how they are never there when we need them. Our feelings our hurt but they don’t come and tell us to move on, be happy and hug us. Or they only tell us to shut up or they will give us a real reason to cry.

My conclusion to why they are evil; they are taking out all their anger on us. They also use us to feel powerful. My stepfather said, “She doesn’t deserve anything because she is not my daughter.” He was saying in one way “I don’t care about her but I have to let her live in my home by force.” Like if this things are our entire fault. We never asked to be mistreated or hurt mentally. If we have known we would get this kind of punishment, we wouldn’t have come in to this world. The part that makes me sick is that some take the advantage to use us. I hear stories of girls and boys being raped by their FAMILY. The thought makes me want to cry. These people are sickening and don’t deserve to be free, ever; though they take the advantage that people will do nothing to stop this. This kind treatment on us to make them feel powerful is unforgivable. But what can we do?

What do they expect to accomplish? Do they think ruining our lives will make us their pawns for the rest of our lives? Or maybe since they can’t be happy, nobody can? They mostly think of themselves as kings or like if the world revolved around them. They never think that what comes around goes around though. Maybe we don’t want to miserable the rest of our lives. We have souls too; and the world may not revolve around us but we matter too.

What can WE abused kids do??? Do we call the police to have them arrested? Maybe we’ll finally be happy and things may change drastically. We would finally be able to push all negative things away and pull the positive things of life. But what If this person is the family rock? We need them to eat, take a shower/bath, and to provide a roof for us. Or maybe we can’t support the thought to talk to them through a telephone and watch them behind a glass window. What if we ran away? How would we support a life for us? We probably only have a high school diploma, or we haven’t even graduated high school. Back then we could get a job easy. Now times have changed and would need a Master’s Degree from college to get a good paying job. What do we do in a life as complicated as this?

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