February 8, 2010
By mittensgizmo SILVER, Hanahan, South Carolina
mittensgizmo SILVER, Hanahan, South Carolina
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"Life is a Balance of Holding on and letting go" -Keith Urban

As a vegetarian my self I feel like I have a good point of view on vegetarianism. I have been a vegetarian for a year and a half now and it is one of the best and most life changing decisions I have ever made. I decided to become a vegetarian for many reason. The main reason was I am a huge animal lover and I felt in a way guilty for eating something I loved so much. I was also greatly influenced by my favorite singer Carrie Underwood. I felt that if she could do I could do it as well. Becoming a vegetarian is something I always wanted to do.
There are no negative things that can come out of being a vegetarian. In fact reports have shown that vegetarians have a lower risk for heart disease, osteoporosis, and many types of cancer. Not many people realize it but you can get everything that meat provides you in other healthier foods such as beans, tofu, nuts, and leafy foods. These foods provide you the same nutrients you get in meat without all of the grease and unnecessary sugars that are in barbecue sauce and many spices that people use to flavor meat.
If your an animal lover like I am do some research and watch a couple videos on youtube and you will quickly find out that they way they kill animals cruel and far from necessary. Many animals are cruelly treated before finally be killed.
Now your probably thinking, that sounds good and all but there is no way I could give up steak and hamburgers over night, that doesn't mean anything! In fact many people that are vegetarians today used meal plans they help you slowly eliminate meat over a period of time leading into being a full on vegetarian.
In the year and a half that I have been vegetarian I have found many health benefits from not eating meat. I have more energy and I am more willing to live life then ever before. I feel better then I have ever been. Over time I hope the demand will go down for meat and less animals will have to suffer cruel deaths. So hey give being a vegetarian a try. Its really not going to hurt to try it.

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I have been a vegetarian for a year and a half now and I want to speech out about what I am doing.

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