Affirmative Action Domination

January 12, 2010
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There are many colleges in the United States that have something called affirmative action. Affirmative action is something designed to help minorities get into good colleges around the U.S. The only problem with affirmative action is that the people that are not classified as minorities are not given any points because it is assumed that all minorities live in bad conditions and have trouble doing good in school, and that all non-minorities have an easy time getting into colleges just because they live in good conditions. I think this is wrong and that this should not be based on race or color but on income or social status.

One of the many reasons that Colleges give extra points on the applications of the minorities is because they assume that they have either had a hard time growing up, or are still having a hard time. The colleges respect this hard time and are willing to give 20 extra points to someone just based on the color of their skin of on their race. I strongly believe in the concept, but I think that it should be based on income or the individual case of the person applying.

If a non-minorities was denied the right at a well earned education just because a minority got extra points on their application then they do not know for sure if the minority has the same work ethic, or same mind set as the other person to do as good. So the reason they should not base it just on skin color or race, but on the actual background of the person. If the person has a record that showed the he is a hard working, and that he is serious about his education they should be given some extra points but not so many points that they could be lazy and just rely on the extra points they are getting.

Another reason that colleges often use to give minorities extra points is because the living conditions and the conditions of the school are not good enough to give the person and education to the highest of their ability. Colleges often use this method to give a minorities in a bad neighborhood school a couple of extra points just for doing all that work in such a bad environment. I have to say that I do not fully disagree with this argument, but it has its flaws. First, I think that if people grow up in a “bad part of town” they should be used to working in the harsh environment and produce even better work in a good environment. People also often abuse the concept of affirmative action; they come up with lies and move to different neighborhoods just to get those couple of extra points on the college application.

I think that affirmative action is a good concept to start to develop, but I still think that it has its flaws and that some things need to be changed in order to make it fairer. I think that they need to research the individual case of the person before deciding weather they should give extra points on the application or not. If the college admissions had some more curious people that were willing to explore and check the backgrounds of people then there wouldn’t be that much talk about affirmative action being racist or unfair.

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