January 20, 2010
By grant clyne BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
grant clyne BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Do you think the last 5 years have been more difficult or less difficult for your family? Has one of your parents lost there job? Are you eating less for meals now? Are you driving less now because gas cost too much? Are you paying more for water and electricity bills? If you are, well most people are, this can all be resolved by just simple things.

One of the things that I have learned is that there is a huge cycle in this country. One more car plant can help restore the economy. A car plant can give many people jobs, and when they get jobs they get money, and when they get money they spend it so other businesses staying business. If around 9.6 of the American population is out of jobs then these people will probably not buy or shop as much since they do not have a job, and since they don’t buy or shop then businesses will start to go broke and go out of business. This is called the vicious cycle, but we need to restart the good cycle and get America restarted and back on its feet. If we create at least 2,000 jobs in each then I believe this will help our economy tremendously

To lower gas prices, if people start getting jobs and start buying gas then I believe that gas prices will be lowered too. It all starts with getting people back to work and start buying and shopping for things. If we do one simple step then we can fix the economy and help restart and rebuild America to make it a better place for everyone. We just need a little cooperation from everyone to stop being lazy and start doing something and look for jobs.

Something that we can do to help Obama is to cut down on electronics and stop being lazy. We should turn off light when we leave a room, and use less water when we are taking showers. We can also turn off the TV when we leave the room and are not watching it. We also need to stop sitting around and get up and go look for jobs to, the job isn’t going to come to us we need to go get the job. For people who get jobs they need to work hard and keep there job.

Obama can do his part by stop trying to do so many things at once, and needs to focus on things one at a time. He also needs to reconsider the Health Care Plan because it is going to cost way too much and over a long period of time it is going to crumble because the government is very bad at running programs.

In the end our country and economy is going to get worse if we don’t do something about it. It is so easy to fix this and all we have to do is start and make more jobs, with just a little help from us and Obama.

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i feel that this piece of work can help the United States.

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