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January 19, 2010
By Kurtis Kujawski SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Kurtis Kujawski SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Clothing optional


School Board

I am distraught with the idea of being told what to wear on what days. We live in a Capitilstic society and are granted the choice of clothing in which we wear to school. This regulation—if put into place—would be an egregious mistake. The clothes worn to school shouldn’t be an issue. An education—and how much of it we get—should be a schools main focus. I construe this issue as being aimed at increasing student confidence and productivity by having them dressed in a respectable manner—as compared to now. What a student wears will not cause a change in eitheir of those things. The working worlds different from High School so there are going to be differences between the two. Like for example the attire worn. When I get to the working world I will be in a job that gives me clothing regulations. But seeing as I am now in high school, I should and will dress in whatever makes me feel comfortable.
The dress code you are suggesting is not tolerable. Me being a teenager leaves me with a paucity of rights as it is and now you want to go and increase that paucity of rights I hold for a reason that is acrimonious. If this regulation was put into order a pernicious relationship would most likely occur between the students and faculty. The change in clothing would not result in a decrease of duplicity. Rather the students could end up disobeying more often. It's not that anyone would deserve an impunity based on their justifications for their misbehavior, but some students might think they would deserve an impunity.
Think deeply about when you were a High School student and if you would have approved of these new clothing regulation. Would you have?.......I didn't think so.


Kurtis Kujawski

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