People Need a Car Rather Than Public Transportation

January 14, 2010
By birthday BRONZE, Paradise, Pennsylvania
birthday BRONZE, Paradise, Pennsylvania
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Many people ride public transportation. Public transportation is good for nature, and it saves a lot of energy. For some people, public transportation is part of their life. They use public transportation every day to go somewhere. As I said, public transportation is a really good thing for people who use it. However, for my case, public transportation was really bad, even though I used it a lot.
As I said, I was one of the people who use public transportation a lot when I went to middle school. I was born in South Korea. South Korea is really small country. The size of South Korea is similar to one of the states in the United States. Therefore, their public transportation has a really good system, and it is really cheap, also. Also, not like other people, I lived far from my middle school. That is why I used public transportation a lot. I have a really bad memory about public transportation. One early fall, I rode the bus home. One man on the bus was drunk and complained about the bus being too hot because he had drunk too much. He kept asking the driver to turn on the air conditioner, but the driver told him to open a window instead. It was so annoying, because he was talking really loud, and the bus wasn’t hot either. For a couple of stations the drunken guy complained to the bus driver, and I saw something really dangerous happen. The drunken guy pulled the bus driver’s hair.
As everyone can predict, the bus driver turned the wheel and got in an accident. The crash wasn’t bad. However, it would have been a really dangerous situation if bus had been moving faster or if there had been more people at station. When the drunken guy pulled the bus driver’s hair, I was so scared that it would lead to a bad accident. And if the bus hit the bus stop or hit another building, I could hurt my body or could die because of the drunken guy. I just really thanked to God that it wasn’t worse.
I had other bad occasions when I almost got into accidents. I also feel that terrorism happens to public transportation a lot. Therefore, in my opinion, public transportation is worse than private transportation. I would prefer to get my own car even if it took more gas and cost more instead of getting into accidents.

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