Stop Animal Cruelty!!!

January 13, 2010
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They're 15,355 cases -reported- each year of animal cruelty according to These are only reported cases of animal cruelty! We need to stop all of this animal cruelty.

Animals are living beings just like us. I know you might not think so, sure they can not pick up things, talk, or do many other things that we can do but they do have feelings. One example of being able to show that they have feelings is from a life experience. My grandmother got a call from my aunt, she said “Hey mom, my neighbors have a yorkie that they do not want any more and I am afraid of them just letting it go, do you want to keep him?” My grandmother said “sure we would love that.” My grandparents went and picked him up. When they got home with him my grandpa and grandma were playing with him. My grandma got up to sweep and he ran and hid, he was so scared of the broom. Another thing he was scared of was a bike. Come to find out this dog when he was a puppy got beaten by a broom and ran over with a bike.

That was only a personal experience but there are many many many cases of animal cruelty. On site they had over 200 pages of animal cruelty with a least 15 cases on each! Some of the cases were over a domestic dispute or relationship problems. A dog got stabbed and was left to bleed to death over a domestic dispute. I mean, what kind of person are you to take anger out on a helpless animal that has been trained to be kind and gentle? Other people just hurt or killed there pets to make them shut up or to leave them alone. They did not even realize what they were doing, tell it was done. This was all coming from the Humane society of the US website.

At the scene of a wreck police officer Jacob Johnston heard a very sad whimpering. He was investigating it and found a puppy locked in an ice chest to die. He then saved the puppy and took it to an animal shelter. There it was treated and it lived. He got a family to care for him and they called him Lucky. This is only one of the few cases that saves an animal from dieing, most cases are found and tried to be treated but do not live according to

In one case of hoarding animals there are over 800 animals involved. But this is only one of hundreds of hoarding cases. Hoarding means, to collect lots and lots of animals and to keep them hidden or under close watch at all times.

There are a lot of house-hold animals that get abuses but there are also lots of wildlife or stray animals that get abused. One example is from a famous football player Micheal Vice. He took two pit bull strays and taught them to fight. He had these two dogs fight against each other until one dog died and they left the other to bleed to death according to They also found many other dead pit bulls at his house after the investigation. Why would you do this if there is a good chance of getting caught and in BIG trouble? Not all cases are caught but most are according to the Humane Society of the US. It is very stupid to make this choice of hurting a living being.

Lets all pay attention, and if you see a case or just a hurt or abused animal stop and help the poor animal. Then report it so we can catch those people who are ruining our animal population. “Animals cannot stop animal cruelty but we can” Sarah McLaughlin said on the Humane Society of the US website video and commercial. It is true, so make the right choice and don't hurt another animal!

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