Are We Socially Awkward because of Technology

January 13, 2010
By Courtney.B. SILVER, Houston, Texas
Courtney.B. SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Some teenagers are socially awkward in general, that is just the way they are. They seem really weird in person but as soon as you Facebook chat him or her they seem really cool. Could this be because of technology? Teenagers are turning more to technology for communication. Some businesses, conduct business at home because they are sick or unable to make it to work. That is when technology could be used for the better of things rather than when people just use it to text friends in the middle of movies or in some cases text friends for an answer on the test. About thirty years ago people did not rely on technology to communicate with friends. Instead these people would meet for lunch or go to each other’s houses. It may be impossible to believe but in the 1800s if they were far away they were forced to write letters to each other. Today, people rely on technology as their way of communication while others are versatile, they can go with or without technology. If technology is used properly then it can help some people conduct their business easier, but if it is used improperly then it can mold us to be socially awkward in face-to-face conversations.

Teenagers can be addicted to technology but some are still able to manage time with friends and family, and or being involved with the school. They are able to multitask. One girl, Rachel, is a major “textaholic” but she is not socially awkward when talking to friends and family. She ended up texting over 14,000 messages in one month. She is one girl who is social on the phone and off of it. Texting or instant messaging is just another way to talk to friends while away from them. It is supposed to be completely harmless but teens are constantly being distracted from homework by what their friend said on Facebook. How do people expect to have their children and teenagers get their homework done if all they really care about is what the next notification on Facebook is or if their friend responded to their text yet.

Teenagers can become socially awkward by spending tons of time on their phone texting or on the computer talking to friends. They can forget what they are supposed to be doing and how to hold a conversation in person. Technology is able to affect the teenagers of America in many ways. We slowly start to adapt to the technology Apple is producing and many other companies. We always want the next big thing or the new snazzy piece of technology that just came out a week ago. If you own a Mac computer and have an iChat you can see how technology has improved so much. People are now able to screen sharing on Mac computers. This part of technology helps improve how people are working and their work ethic. Technology can help us if we just use it the proper way.

Some people spend their whole time on their iPod or computer talking to people; sometimes talking to people they don’t even know. They get so used to talking over the computer that when they go to work or have a job interview that they have no clue how to stay confident and how to use their words correctly and the proper manners in some cases. Postman states, “they work against the learning of what are called ‘social values’”(1). The schools online prevent the teenagers and children from figuring out how to act while in an interview or learning how to develop patience for others. They are constantly with their technology like their iPod or iPhone, maybe even their computers. Today you can tell who those people are by simply walking down the hall of a high school and or middle school. You can easily spot the white ear buds in the massive crowd. It seems to vary on how they have theirs in: they either have one in or both. It is considered rude to have your ear buds in if you are in the car with someone and or talking to someone. You will never know if they are listening to you or if they are just listening to their music. It is like talking to a doll that you know will not respond unless it is one that speaks. For example, several times I was talking to one of my friends but I was unaware that she only had one of her earphones in. She made me repeat everything I had just said and she had to switch her white earphone to the other ear. The conversation was barely carried on because I did not know if she could hear me over the loud music blaring in her ear. You know the person who loves technology even when you are in the elevator. You can hear their music but you do not want to say anything to them. What would you say? I have one been the one who had their music up so loud that I did not know that everybody could hear every word but luckily one of my friends was there with me.

Technology is also able to bring people together through music. Friends constantly compare what music they have on iTunes or what music they want. It can also make you make new friends and find that you might actually have something in common with that person. It is easy to make friends through music and it helps strengthen a bond with one of your friends. One author states that “anyone and everyone show up at Playlist events: cross-dressing goth, the occasional pregnant lesbian and, of course, average Londoners just looking to kick back after a day at the office.”(Harris 1). Technology is not going to harm everybody but it can make people to be more social and “bring him or her together”.

My opponent states, “…the main appeal of the iPod is that is preoccupies you so you are no longer obligated to interact with the uncontrollable factors of everyday life.”(Song 1). Song holds an unreliable testimony in his article and he also makes many hasty generalizations throughout this paper, one of the examples of his hasty generalizations is in the quote above. To teenagers iPods are merely a source for music. Many people compare songs with other friends and friends of friends. These friends start to become better friends afterwards if they have the same songs in common but they can also discover new music through sharing music. Not everybody tries to be less social by listening to music.

Another person states that the internet is good for online relationships. Yutaka and Yumachi’s article state, “Ongoing relationships can then be formed.” (1). The problem is you will never meet this person and if you do it may be a total disappointment. You would never know if the person you were in an online relationship with could actually be a child molester or criminal. It is best that relationships are in person rather than virtual. There is no true relationship there. Overall the person could be nothing that you ever dreamed of or you would never know if you truly had something in common with this person. Would you really risk your life for someone you do not even know?

People can become socially awkward if they only use the internet as their only source of true communication, but it can also be something that can strengthen a person’s business. Teenagers are able to become awkward by texting on the phone or always being on Facebook so that they can talk to their friends. Not everybody is socially awkward because of technology; others use technology for school and or work. There are still people who can use technology and stay in touch or involved with friends, family, and school. We have a chance to save the work lives of teenagers. They are supposed to be the future, are they not? If we let them have so much technology then they are able to become socially awkward and ultimately not get a job because of it. Do we really want that to happen to them?

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teen17 said...
on Nov. 13 2014 at 1:43 pm
I would have to agree with you on a few things ive noticed that the second my classmate get up to wait at the door for the bell to ring dismissing class phones are pulled out and earbuds are put in.But I dont think teens can become socially ackward from it. I mean people used to pass notes to someone to ask them out because they were to shy to in person. Is that really different from send a fb message to your crush instead of talking to them face to face. Also you said we should have less technology but I think it could help are future because technology contunies to advance and if we don't keep up with it then we will actually be at a disadvantage if we have a job one day where we have to use unfamlier technology that we don't know how to use because we werent up to date with technology. 


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