Coughing Etiquette

January 12, 2010
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You know what I’m talking about. That sick kid in your study hall who just can’t seem to stop coughing; into their hands.


I’m not personally against coughers, cough all you want. I just feel like people at Arrowhead are trying to infect everyone by coughing into their hands, on their desks and at their friends. Ok maybe people aren’t coughing at each other, but I’ve seen some pretty nasty spews of diseases.

The proper way to cough is into your elbow, not your hands. People! If I see one more person hack into their hands then start touching their desks, I’m going to start snapping necks. How can you be so repulsive?

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be so harsh. I myself am feeling under the weather, but you don’t see me hacking into the environment.

I’m not saying everyone just stop coughing just please use proper coughing etiquette.

Or else.

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