Are Humans The Ones To Blame

January 11, 2010
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Should you not be accepted to college even with four years of hard work because of someone from a different race or sex getting special treatment? In a letter that I have read from Harvard to a student that applied to the school, I read that the student had not been accepted due to a kid of a different race. The white kid had a GPA of 4.0 and the other kid had a GPA of 3.8 but that kid got extra points for being born the way he was. Let me ask you something, or perhaps you should ask yourself this question. Is this right? I think this is not only a wrong way to go about accepting people to colleges and changing their lives and futures because of color and sex. Any colleges should not use affirmative action throughout the United States.

I have many reasons to believe that affirmative action should not be used and is not right. I am not just an opinionative person with no information to back it up and I am not quick to make judgments. My first problem I had with affirmative action is that it’s racist for minorities because you are basically saying that they are not smart enough to get into college without extra points. Colleges are scared to not give minorities points because they will think they are racist, but racism in our world is now so much better than it was before. If you want to talk about racism, you are actually being racist to whites and even Asians because we have to work hard and we don’t get extra points. This could also encourage minorities to not work as hard because if their an average student then they will get more points to be above average which is another problem. If colleges are accepting kids that are not as smart as other kids, and don’t know what they are doing with their lives, colleges will be getting less qualified candidates. Less qualified could drop out and then you have lost a student or a number of students for picking the drop out over them. People are so used to being disappointed that they say life isn’t fair. Why can life not be fair? All I know is that affirmative action is not helping in any way. Colleges should only look at academics, not anything else. People should be rewarded for their accomplishments, not how they were born or how they are.

Those are just my opinions based on my knowledge but people could definitely go against me, nobody agrees with everything in this world. People could tell me that most minorities do not have access to the type of education as the whites do but I would say that that is not the case for all of them and I would also say that if the people didn’t have the access for a good education, how do we even know they have the money for colleges? Some people have argued that Most minorities also poor and their schools get less money because of it which makes for less recourses. I think that before going to affirmative action for this, we need to look at what the government is doing for them. The government should be able to give money that people pay through taxes to these schools for the type of good public schools that we have in the United States. That comment also brings me back to my other point of not being able to pay for college, if the people are poor than they cannot pay for college. Many people have brought up the fact of whites getting points because of knowing people in the schools to help them get in but that is not necessarily true. My cousin applied for a really good college that our family knew people in and he still did not get in. Remember, I really do have sympathy for these people that are less fortunate than me because I am so blessed but affirmative action is not right in my mind and I think it should be banned. The last thing that I could think of someone saying to me about affirmative action is that minorities have less real teachers and so there is not really much going on but the government pays for books so even if students has substitute teachers all year, they would still have the books to learn the material all the other kids are learning at their level.

This is an argument that I think will go on forever and is still going on to this day but in my opinion any colleges should not use affirmative action throughout the United States. So why does this subject even matter? It matters because it is changing and altering the future of many kids of many races and sexes throughout this great country. We need to put an end to affirmative action and make things even and with equal rights, which are what I think everyone wants. What will you do to make this problem go away?

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