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January 11, 2010
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People all across America use technology everyday, in fact, it’s almost inescapable. Teenagers especially, texting almost all the time, listening to iPods, and surfing the Internet. Technology has been developing over the decades, becoming more efficient and portable. Some people say that the dependency and amount of usage of technology is destroying social values. Texting, for example, is one of the most common ways for people to keep contact. That’s what it really is for some people: friends staying in touch with each other. Modern technology has had a positive effect on society, but there have been some bad influences.

Technology is useful and can harbor different emotions from people. In one light, the Internet can help create openness and promote self-confidence. It can also give people “… a greater sense of ease and comfort in dealing with others” (Coget 1). The Internet can be a place where people feel free to express themselves and be more outgoing. However, for some, when Internet usage becomes too much, negative emotions can surface. Those who use it too much can “… [experience] more daily stress, and … [feel] more lonely and depressed” (Affonso 1). When Internet usage harbors bad feelings or when it allows them to isolate themselves from the world, then that is when it can become a bad thing.

Technology helps people keep up with relationships, although it can cut time with others. Texting, for instance, helps friends talk to each other, while not really talking. The Internet, also, “… is a common space to encounter new friends” (Coget 1). Technology can help expand one’s circle of friends but sometimes it can cut on others. When technology usage becomes too much people can “keep up with fewer friends…. [and spend] less time talking with their families” (Affonso 1). While Internet can be used to help people keep contact, it can decrease the contact of others. Like if someone is at the dinner table texting, too distracted to listen to family talk.

One of the efficiencies of technology is its transportability, which can be proven to be helpful and not. In a world where privacy is hard to find, people can take their own personal bubbles with them. This, however, can be “… a major deterrent to conversation...” (Song1). iPods especially, having music, games and sometimes Internet access. Their size makes them easily transportable.

Some people argue that technology decreases social skills. This argument is false because, if anything, it helps build social values. People have to be more careful of what they put on the Internet because it might offend someone and lead to big consequences. People “… adjust their behavior in response to limitations of technology” (Coget 1). When putting something on the Internet, with the lack of emotion provided, people cannot always be sure if you are serious or being humorous. People must also be more careful in Internet relations, they cannot be sure of who is trustworthy. This can help build stranger awareness.

Technology has had good effects on the country, though it has harbored some bad effects as well. Technology is our future, whether we want it to be or not. If it is causing some bad influences that are not wanted, then action must be taken to get rid of them. The ever-growing popularity of keeping up with relationships through technology can be seen as a good thing or a threat. Technology will continue to develop but it is up to society whether or no to completely depend on it.

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