A Technology Monster

January 12, 2010
By chud36 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
chud36 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Technology can help us connect to all our friends but have you ever-just talk to someone on the Internet and not in person. I have a friend that all ways talks on his computer and on his phone and he seem like a social person but when he gets in front of people he doesn’t know he freezes up and wont say a word. Some people say that the reason so many people are unsocial because they spend to much time on the computer and texting, and they are not making enough face time with people. There are others who believe it can increases you social life but the truth is that technology can hurt a person’s social skill.

It is hard to believe that technology hurts us but it can socially cripple us because we are not getting enough face time with people if we are browsing the Internet or texting. The Internet is a addicting place and, “Data showed that as people in this sample used the internet more, they reported keeping up with fewer friends. They also reported spending less time talking with their families…”(Affonso 1). What is the point of the Internet if your not going to keep up with friends and family? Actually in March 2006 some collage students worked on a project called “The Impact of Internet use on Sociability: Time-Diary Finding.” and they did just that they had people of all ages chart down there time on the computer and the results came back as non internet users spend 12 minutes more socializing that

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Internet users. Also the non-Internet users spend 136.7 more minutes with their family and friends than Internet users. So data has shown us that the Internet is leading people down a path were you don’t see your friends and family as much and to me that is a bad thing because I love my friends and family. Have you ever been at a party or some where like that and someone has there IPod in and aren’t paying any attention you anyone well some say that, “Interaction between individuals is slowly diminishing as people turn to their technological devices instead of attempting to make a new acquaintance…”(Song 1). So if people listen to their IPods while at a social event they are taking away any social activity at all.

Some say that some people just cant communicate with others in person and they use the Internet to socialize. People say, “The Internet can foster openness, self-confidence, and a greater sense of ease and comfort in dealing with others”(Coget and Yutaka 1). The problem with that is that people need to learn how to talk to others face to face or they will never be truly social because o the internet you can think about what you are about to say but in person when you have a conversation it just flows with no effort and you cant get that from texting on email or something like that. When you think of a IPod you think your music and headphones and, “There are also those who claim that the iPod does more to unite people than it does to divide them”(Harris 1). I think it can bring people together with music but the majority of the time people are listening to there I pod they are not playing there music out load they have headphones keeping there music to them selves.

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The thing is if you think about it technology is like a monster it can eat you up and make you unsocial because it is easier just to text someone or use the Internet to communicate. But all of that is nothing like face to face communication because it brings out you emotion through facial expressions and tone of voice which you cant show through a text or email. So what happens when technology takes over your life, what happens when you let technology eat you up?

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