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January 5, 2010
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Dear Ryan,
I have been a Shopko customer since I was young, and I am currently employed at one of the newest Shopko stores. I have enjoyed working in the Shopko environment, and have been at this store for a year. There is, however, one problem. It isn’t fair that part-time employees do not receive holiday pay, and many managers will not allow us to take off. We are forced to work. I am asking for the part-time employees working Thanksgiving, Easter, or New Years receive holiday pay.
Every year, my family from Michigan comes to Wisconsin for Easter. Easter is an important holiday in my family, and is one of three times I am able to see them all year. This past year, I was scheduled to work from 2:00 pm to close on Easter Sunday. I had previously requested off two weeks in advance; yet, I was still expected to work. Having to travel a half hour from my house to where my family was getting together, I could only stay for an hour. I was unable to participate in my family traditions. No egg hunt. No Easter dinner. No time with family. I am still a teenager, so I shouldn’t miss out on holidays for work. Having many young employees throughout the Shopko stores, I know for a fact that many of them do not want to work on these holidays. This makes it difficult to schedule people to work. But with the holiday pay, there would be more young employees willing to work. To me, it isn’t fair that the holiday pay is offered to full-time employees, yet they are allowed off.
You are able to not only make customers satisfied, but also make your employees happier. Your mission states, “We act with integrity and high ethical standards… both inside and outside the company.” I have made this suggestion to help you do that.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my proposal. If you wish to contact me back for any reason, use the mailing address above or by e-mail.



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