The Chinese Have Taken Over

January 5, 2010
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The Chinese are an economic power house. How they got this way? The money we give them. They’re moving from third world to power house thanks to the failure of the economy in other countries combined with funding from those same countries.

The latest buyout of an American company was IBM. Worth $162 billion, China jumped on it. But what drives Americans to sell to the Chinese? IBM says they don’t want to sell the company to competitors or Japanese rivals like Fujitsu. Instead they went with Lenovo, China’s biggest PC Company. Yes, China can afford these types of buyouts now. With the money America gave them.

“Happy Globalism” is what Daniel Gross calls it. America has given China billions of dollars which China has dumped back into Treasury bonds. Now China is using that money to buy American companies, employ Americans, and sell their products right back to Americans to make more American dollars. They primarily use the money to stay unnoticed and buy small Midwestern companies that employ about 1,000 employees. China also has companies that become Parent companies to struggling or on the verge of going bankrupt companies in America.

The Asian peril returns. China already has cheaper prices then us. They constantly beat us out of the market with their low wages which gives them cheaper marketing. This forces our companies to go bankrupt leaving them helpless against the Economic Giant. They’re buying cars, computers, and next on the list is fast food.

This is scary. We help them, they buy us. Our companies get bought out and America’s wage laws are higher than China; China won’t want us working for them. They have workers for four times less money. Not to mention they don’t have to give them benefits: dental, health, guaranteed raises, or any other coverage required by companies here. We are already in a depression and we may end up needing aid from them. The country which we sent billions of dollars to.

We are going to find ourselves in a world flipped upside down. Third world countries becoming the new power houses. Those who give aid become the ones needing aid. But we have too much pride. We’ll just keep handing money out to countries like China and those countries will do the same thing. We are in for an Economic War. One—we will lose.

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