January 7, 2010
By , Erie, PA
I volunteered to do my community service at Pleasant Ridge Manor. I choose to do volunteer work there because I am familiar with the surroundings. As a child, I would go to all the functions and holidays and help out. My aunt has worked there for many years and has gotten my brother and I involved. I think Pleasant Ridge Manor was an excellence choice for my community service project. Throughout my journey there I discovered many things.

Pleasant Ridge Manor is a place where elderly people can reside. Pleasant Ridge Manor takes very good care of their residents and they love it there, it’s there home. The people who work there love their jobs and always come in cheerful. That’s one of the reasons I like it there so much.

First, I loved doing community service for them. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to going back. I learned many qualities about the people and they really made me feel at home. At first I was a little nervous but as soon as the ice broke I couldn’t wait to go back.

My general duties were talking with the residents, playing games with them and doing crafts. I also got to help serve food and take walks with them. I learned a lot about the residents and soon after I was there I felt like I have known them for a life time. Everyone there was just so nice and caring.

Here at Pleasant Ridge I played many games with the residents. We played bingo almost everyday. I guess the residents just couldn’t get enough of it! I got to call out the numbers and help them along the way. We also played a few card games and made some pretty amazing crafts. I would always tell them what a great job they did because it made them feel better and appreciated for their wonderful work.

Also, I got to help serve breakfast. This was one of my favorite things to do because it made me feel important. Along with serving them food I helped a few of the residents carrying their trays. I also sat with them and ate for a little bit. This was one of the better days because we got to sit back and just talk. I got to know a lot about the people here and I’m going to miss them very much. I didn’t like taking them to therapy because it made me see that they depend on others to help them and I don’t like seeing people in pain or anything like that.

Volunteering here at pleasant ridge has made me see my strengths and weaknesses. First of all it made me realize how much I honestly do care about others. Being there made me discover that I can do anything if I put my mind up to it. I did not really have a weakness. I would say the hardest part was walking up so early. Most of the days I would car pull with my aunt besides the day I had an early shift at work.

I would recommend to anyone that Pleasant Ridge Manor is a great place to volunteer because everyone is so caring and kind. Also, because the elders love meeting new people and having someone to interact with. I met a lot of great people here and I will never forget my community service experience at Pleasant Ridge. I wouldn’t change anything about the organization of Pleasant Ridge Manor besides seeking more volunteers to be there regularly because it makes the residents feel special and everyone there has a warm welcome. These people have touched my lives and I will never forget the way they made me feel. I believe I had a good impact on their lives and I hope they will never forget me as well.

Lastly, everyone there made me feel important and cherished, that’s why I enjoyed working with the people so much. I feel more people should volunteer there because it brightens the residents day. My last day there was the hardest but I did not say good bye. I said see you later because I will be back. Some of the residents I have known since I was just a little girl and I will never forget them. I felt they saw me as a friend and not just some girl who helped volunteer there for a week. I believe I have made some life long friends and I have memories I will always cherish.

In conclusion, Pleasant Ridge Manor was the best choice I could have made to do community service. I enjoyed every moment being there. Working with some of the people gave me an incredible feeling I will never forget. The residents there love when people like me come and just help out, play games, and just someone there to talk to besides the wonderful staff. I would recommend everyone to come here at least once and see what a great place it really is. I have learned a lot from my experience here at Pleasant Ridge and I cannot wait to go back in the future. I believe this was a great project and I am very pleased with the results.

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