Christmas Lights Before Thanksgiving

January 11, 2010
By Emily Nikolaus SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Emily Nikolaus SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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The radios are playing Christmas music all day, the neighbors have their lights up, and all the television commercials shout “Holiday Cheer!”, but it’s not even December? While some people are strongly opposed to the amount of force Christmas entails, I love it.

It’s called the “Holiday Season” for a reason. There’s more than one holiday. From November to the first of January, we are hit with one celebration after another. The whole two months is a reminder to love your fellow man, be close with your family, and inevitably absorb the “Christmas spirit.”

There are, however, the Scrooges of the world who curse the early displays of Yule tide. They boycott the radio stations, and avoid anything associated with Rudolph, mistletoe, and St. Nick. To these victims of poor holiday spirit I’d like to say, “You’re only ruining it for yourself.”

Embrace it. Otherwise, you’re more likely to spend your holiday season snickering to yourself about the “idiot” next to you in line wearing a Santa hat. While this “idiot” is enjoying himself whole-heartedly, you are not. This is simply because all the Scrooges must accept the early arrival of tinsel and garland. I’m not saying they have to join in and decorate their own homes, but only recommending they allow themselves to smile a little next time they see fake reindeer on their neighbor’s

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