A Real Man

December 30, 2009
By Anonymous

What’s a real man is a question I’ve asked myself more than one time. I’ve heard many different answers. Is a real man a tough guy? One who doesn’t show any emotion or weakness. One who picks fights all the time and keeps to himself all the time. One who talks great about himself and puts others down. I told myself no and kept looking for an answer.

I was given an answer. I was told that a real man had a lot of ladies. One that took advantages of their girl. One that did what he wanted with his lady and then after he was done left her for a different lady. I was told that if you didn’t do that that you weren’t a real man. I asked myself if that was the kind of man I wanted to be. I said no.

Still I searched for the right answer. I was told another answer. It was that a real man was one who was single all the time. One who had fun all the time. One who went to bars and parties. One who didn’t care what happened during the time he was at a bar or party. One who let himself go. I told myself that that couldn’t be the right answer so I kept looking.

I searched some more and another answer I was told. I was told that a real man was someone who breaks the law. One who doesn’t have any regard for the law or any of his authorities. One who did what he wanted when he wanted to without anyone to stop him. Was that the right answer I asked myself. I responded with a definite no.

I was confused. What was the right answer if there was one. What is a real man? Is there such a thing as a real man? Well I don’t know if there is a politically correct answer but I found an answer that I agreed with.

I was told a real man loves his family, his friends, his neighbors (every person is a neighbor), and even his enemies. One who loves his God and follows what his God says. One who treats everyone fairly and one who respected his authorities and followed the law. One who treats his woman with respect and doesn’t hurt her. One who helps his fellow man when his fellow man is in need. I was told that a real man didn’t have to hide his emotions or his weaknesses. One who’s not afraid to ask for help and one who gives to others when they need it. One who cares for others not just his own self.

After I heard that answer I said to myself “That is the kind of man I want to be.” That might not be the right answer but I think it is.

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on Jan. 9 2010 at 11:03 am
SmileLikeUMeanIt, Tyndall, South Dakota
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Favorite Quote:
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." -John 1:1

I really liked reading this. I admire how you put all of these words down for everyone to see. Great job! :)


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