A Hypocrite and a Pathalogical Liar

December 25, 2009
Hate is an understatement of my feelings about all that is not true. To lie is beyond me. Why would someone want to get caught up in a web of confusion that can lead to their downfall? Why do people lie so that they may live. Our society is suppposed to be based upon truth and loyalty, but instead our world is in a downward spiral of untruths. We are entangled in the confusion, struggling- trying to escape- but we are caught. We may not be helples, but to be free of this pessimistic point of view, we must work to please our needs and wants. But if I were to say I can't stand the lies I'm fed, I'd be a hypocrite. So I deny all of what has been said, therefor creating another pathalogical liar in this life.

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