Walk Against the Conform

December 18, 2009
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Explain to me something; when has the conformation of the entire world done better than worse? How was that conformation improving the society as a whole or way of living? Society as a whole never has, nor ever will be conformed. Someone somewhere has always rebelled against what they did not believe just. Countless others did not have the courage, but had the state of mind theorized. When the entire world conforms, so will I. Never will the people of foreign countries restrain from stealing food as their children starve. Never will man watch his brother be killed if he had a gun in hand and could prevent. Never will man allow law to conquer love. Never will law conquer hate. Never will man agree as one. Until that day, I will stand in the back of the crowd, not tall, blending in most days and decisions. But, when something is done to affect my emotion, beliefs, or myself: I will stand tall, walk to the front of the crowd, and paint myself yellow in a sea of black.
I am not society. Even if society could conform, I will be the one person who will encourage the crowd to stand tall with me and stand for what they believe be true. May it be against my wishes, man will never agree, so I will stand sturdy with my beliefs, and take pride in the debates. For man will never achieve greater than what has been if the entire world could conform.

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AfroSamuriB said...
Jan. 15, 2010 at 7:05 pm
Wow, that was a great piece of writing. I really enjoyed it, and it was very inspiring. I also respect you a lot over the back story. Good job. :)
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