The Fiery Darks Of Divorce

December 16, 2009
By Pancho_Deli122 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
Pancho_Deli122 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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So one day your kids are watching some Spongebob or maybe if you think Spongebob is to violent then they get to watch Barbie Saves the World because its safe and they come down because they hear some noise, what do you know the parents a fighting again, and the only thing you can do is sit on the steps watching their family fall apart. Divorce, the word many kids know especially the ones who have been put through it. Did you know that there are 39,000,000 kids in the world and 59% of them have divorced parents according to the Americans For Divorce Reform. Just try to take a guess of where in the world the majority of kids have divorced parents the good old U.S.A. As a child with divorced parents I know that divorce is 10x worse then torture with all of the things you have to go through.

Now a recent survey by the Barna Research Group said that from 3,854 people from 48 different states only 11% aren't divorced while the other 89% said that they have been divorced more than once. According to Robert Hughes a Jr. PHD, children with divorced parents are more likely to have academic problems. He also says the after the divorce the children seem fine but they really are going through fear, anger, grief, and much much more. Now couples that went to marital counseling are 26% more likely to stay married says the Americans For Divorce Reform.

Now I know what your thinking, well my kid turned okay after the divorce so I don't care, but your kids are still young and 63% percent of kids turn out to be drug addicts, or they can even commit suicide due to the divorce says The National Marriage Project at Rutgers University. Now think of the odds your kid is dealing with right now. 37% is either keeping your kid clean and healthy. Now compare that to the 63% who aren't doing well.

It is a fact that divorces can be caused due to affairs, drug abuse, maybe they beat you, but do you know where all that anger of many years of abuse and affairs go? Your children! According to the parents can be so protective over the children that they become unsocialized and when they are sent out into the real world they don't know what to do. Or, on the other side the parents could not care for the kid at all and eventually drive them to be goths or drug addicts.

Now all I'm saying is getting divorced wether for good reasons or bad can help you end up with a perfect kid. If the definition of perfect to you is a drug abusive little boy or girl who doesn't appreciate anything you do for them. So before you get married
you might want to think of who you are marring so it won't lead to a divorce and years of hardship on your kid. So listen, all I'm telling you is just to think about the children before and after the divorce.

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My parents divorce

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on Jul. 12 2011 at 9:02 pm
FatesMistake13, Springerville, Arizona
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i agree with strawberry123. sometimes a divorce is best for everyone involved, even the kids. Its not any better letting your kids grow up watching fight after fight or abuse. I've been through three divorces andn have straight A's and am a member of student council and have an active social life. I'm kind of proof that it can end up oaky. Of course, I'm not saying it isnt hard... its devastating and definitely changes you. You'll question everything and be so uncertain for a long time but you can be okay, better than okay, someday. Any way, i think you did great with this. Wonderful facts too support that divorce does effect the children and you wrote exceptionally. :) good job

on Jan. 11 2010 at 8:58 pm
Strawberry123 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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except, there are many problems behind divorce. and somtimes it is better because kids dont see what all is going on and arent so miserable. believe it or not, divorce is the best thing in some cases.

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