Kids' Today!

December 10, 2009
By Alyssa Oliver BRONZE, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
Alyssa Oliver BRONZE, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
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As kids live their lives today, they don’t take anything for granted. I would know because having a family getting almost everything you want really gets in your head. Kids start to get used to getting their way and don’t like it when they don’t. For example, while having two sisters of my own, I am used to basically getting everything they have, but what I don’t usually realize is how I treat my family. I don’t step into reality and just take look at what I have sitting right in front of me. I don’t take the extra time out of my day to just give my mom a hug and tell her I love her. Kids these days need to stop worrying about what they don’t have and be happy for everything they have now. My parents would always say to me, “If your sister were to die right now in a car crash, wouldn’t you feel pretty bad that the last words you said to her was, ‘shut up’, or ‘you’re mean’?”. Well, as I think about that right now, I have decided that I want to change the way I act and treat my family members. I think that kids all around should too!

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