Unity begins where our differences end

December 5, 2009
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Humans are diverse creatures. Each individual possesses unique traits that distinguish them from one another. Through the years we have been able to witness how diversity of thought and strong emotions have led to impacting historical events such as wars. Do our differences only cause divisions? Not at all. There are also moments where humans set aside their differences for a common cause. There, morality and tolerance gain more importance than how dissimilar we might be. Music and charity work are just two examples of things that pull people together, no matter their differences.
Music is a universal language. In the six years that I have been in music, I have encountered many musicians with diverse points of view about life. I currently am a leader of three music groups, and such experience has definitely built a lot of tolerance and respect in me. Success in practices can only be achieved by compromise, respect, and discipline. I remember a girl in my music school who always wore pajamas to class. When I say always, I mean it. She never combed her hair, was always running around, and often fell asleep in the floor. Another guy in my music school absolutely hated the U.S. and was constantly voicing how he thought that Puerto Rico should be independent. You would think that our differences would cause innumerable quarrels, right? Nevertheless, even as we all were different and had strong points of view, music united us. The love we had for it was big enough to surpass any differences we might have had.
Charity work is also a rewarding and uniting experience. I remember when I went to help in a clothing drive for the victims of the 2007 Peru earthquake. I was working next to people that came from all over the island just to help out. I was amazed at how some people in the clothing drive had ragged clothes, stained jeans and overused t-shirts, nevertheless, they were giving their time and treasures to help people in worse condition. We all had different backgrounds, yet we were united for a common cause: helping those who had suffered in the earthquake. The drive to help those in need is what bonded us together, in spite of our differences.

As I mentioned before, humans are diverse creatures. We are not hard copies of each other, but on the contrary, we are all born different. While differences may help bring that individualism that a lot of people seek, similarities also hold their power. Whether it is music, a sense of partnership and compassion, love or religion, there is always something in which we can relate to. There is always something that bonds us together.

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There is always something that bonds us together.

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