November 24, 2009
By guitarmastercg27 SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
guitarmastercg27 SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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What is this word we call stereotyping? Is it some disorder that all humans beings posses? Is it a disease that takes over the body and forces it to act before thinking? Why do we do it?

Stereotyping is an action that every human is accustomed to doing. It overwhelms our bodies and programs us to make stupid assumptions or comments. We all assume we know things, when half the time we haven’t the clue what we are talking about. We label people before even getting to know them, or even saying a word to them. We never see the truth, because we always think we already know it. Your closest friend might be your worst enemy, but you will never know. We never will know. No one sees the other side of things because we are all too superficial, and too lazy to dig deeper to see how people are on the inside. You can never be sure that you absolutely know a person. Maybe everyone in this world is a different person then as they appear, maybe this person is an outsider. Who knows maybe everyone in this world is a stranger, or a phantom of the unknown. Everyone is just another person living amongst the shadows.

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