Lending a Hand

November 24, 2009
By sarahjeanorsini GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
sarahjeanorsini GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Imagine walking down the street alone. It’s late at night, the moon directly above in the sky. Hearing footsteps behind, you speed up just enough to make it look like you don’t realize who is following. Your domicile entrance is only feet away, but you feel like you’ll never make it. Seconds elapse before you reach out to grab the door’s handle, but you never touch the slick iron. Squirming, you’re pulled away by a strong hand, screaming as you’re stabbed. The shaded figure bolts down the sidewalk as lights in your apartment building sporadically light up. The illumination dims soon after you cry for help. Minutes later, after crawling back to the entrance steps, the figure reappears. The last thing you see of the beautiful world is a twisted smirk on a rough face.

With officials’ meticulous detective work to prevent crime, an assault such as “38 Who Saw a Murder Didn’t Call the Police” may have been unattainable. Police can prevent only what they know, so it’s the people’s job to help whenever they can. If there was a crime outside of your apartment building (and you witnessed it), would you dial 911? Calls going to Police Stations are factors leading to helping the problem. Without quips made by un-entertained persons, incoming calls could potentially obviate crimes, and save lives. At the same time, many rash recordings can help citizens. Being safe is better than knowing that if you don’t do anything, someone could be hurt or killed. After reading lurid details in stories about murder, our feelings should include what we would do if we were in fatal situations. Being lax on screams and terrors shouldn’t be supportive, because like the man from the article, after shutting off your lights and ignoring the scene could lead to a fatal incident. This is my conjecture on the article, as well as any crime. I would call the police, because if I don’t, who will?

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