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By , Hartland, WI
Crime is growing rampantly around the country. This high crime rate is due to things like race, gender, drugs and money. Families around the country are put under a lot of duress and obligation to watch out for their children or loved ones because it is not safe to even walk the streets in some cities.
The crime rate in the United States has gone up 34 percent from 1960-2005. Something has to be done about this, but what? For example, as more and more people are on the streets, there tends to be more crime. We need to work together to get people off the streets and into shelters and pay more attention to gun control. Some culprits should not be given a gun. But when buying a gun, who’s to say no? They don’t know a person’s background or what their ethics are. I don’t think you should be able to just have registration for the weapon. I think the government should control who is allowed to have a gun and who isn’t. Looking up records would be a good way to start controlling this.
Hate crimes against race, ethnicity, and gender are also a high form of hate crime. It is inane how many blacks, Arabs, etc. have been murdered, bullied or embarrassed in public by racist, white Americans because of what they look like, or where they came from. Race means nothing. If we go to another country, how do we feel when people look at us differently because we’re not that race? America is a free country; we can do as much as we want. Why treat others who come here for the reason that they have none of that in their country with disrespect? They are people, just like us, with a different skin color.
Some people are inexorable. I admonish everyone to watch what is going on. Watch out for your neighbors and friends as if they were you. Help lower the crime rate in America.

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